About Ying Dance Center

Ying Dance Center was founded to introduce, educate, celebrate the rich and colorful heritage of Chinese ethnic and folk dance and hope to contribute to the opening dialog with our younger generation of Chinese Americans as well as gaining mutual respect within our ethnically diverse communities. Our curriculum is based mainly on the systematic approach of the Beijing Dance Academy, and students will participate in various performances which is important part of their training. With our solid professional background and our outstandingteaching experience, we believe in our ability to discover students' artistic and intellectual potential, to nurture their artistic sensibilities, to help form healthy body image, and to build up constructive and positive attitude towards learning and teamwork, especially towards the pursuit of excellence. To achieve diversity of dance education and serving the rich cultural diversity of our nation, we offer other classes that include Modern Dance, Jazz, Hiphop, Zumba, Yoga and more that are taught by professinals in those fields.